Different Aspects Of Using The Router

Routers can be found in every house or office because these have the potential to connect a number of networks. With the help of such a device, we are able to maintain the large routing table easily. Apart from this, if we talk about how to access router settings, then this is a simple to follow the process. Everyone can follow such procedure because of the few simple steps.


There are a lot of beneficial aspects associated with the routers. The first and foremost benefit is that we can connect many users to the internet. Well, if we want to connect to the internet, then there is a requirement of the unique IP address.

The internet providers offer two types address such as single IP address and a large amount of routable address with the charge fees. The best solution is picking the option of the router as it offers the facility of using the single public IP address. Here are some more benefits of accessing routers –

  • Reduce the network traffic
  • Create collision and broadcast domains
  • Able to connect many network architectures


While there are many positive aspects of using the routers, but there are also some negative aspects. Such routers are unable to work with all protocols because these can only work with the routable network protocols. Not only this, these are more expensive when we compare these with the repeaters or bridges.

Apart from this, routers are also considered slow because they are required to analyze the data transmission from one layer to another one. In contrast, if we talk about the routers and bridges, then they are only required to read the two different layers of information, which are physical and Data Link. At last, you should also consider the drawbacks before going to buy the router.

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