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Owning Boa Constrictors is a major, long-term commitment and responsibility. Many owners dump Boas on animal shelters and reptile rescues, because they have grown too large and nobody wants to buy them. Some people keep the snakes in terrible conditions, with infections and parasites. Little space will not keep Boas from growing. It’s possible to control growth by the diet, but lack of food can be dangerous for the Boa’s health.

Newborn Boas will be well in a small tank. Adults need a cage amounting to one square foot per foot in length with shelves to increase floor space and allow a warmer basking site. The Boa Constrictor cage should contain a hiding place, a water bowl for soaking, and something to rub on while shedding (rocks or dry sticks).

Temperature should be kept about 85øF daytime and 80øF at night. A basking site should range 90-95øF. If the temperature is too cool health problems are guaranteed. Heat should be from heating pads, light bulbs, or covered thermostat with small opening that tails cannot enter.

Newspaper is the easiest substrate. You can also use indoor carpeting or aspen. It’s important to remove soiled substrate immediately and sterilize the water containers at each water change. The entire enclosure for Boa Constrictors should be sterilized and cleaned at least bi-weekly.